2022 IGCSE Full Overview


Your priority is to work through the topic questions listed each week and the "Best Guess Papers".

If you want to do further work then you can use the 5-a-day questions and old exam papers (these resources include some topics that will not be on the 2022 summer papers).

Our course consists of the topics listed on the advanced information sheet. These are arranged in an order that you can choose to complete or just use the overview sheet to tick off all of the material you want to revise (that will be on the two papers).

This course is a back-up to what your class teacher has provided for you.

The weekly pages on this site give some key topics to work on each week and also provide Corbett 5-a-day GCSE (not IGCSE) questions.

You will also find "best guess" papers created by the RMS that will be released during the revision programme.

Buttons in GREEN on the site show topics that are on PAPER 2 only.

You can find the original guidance documents from Edexcel for the paper contents below.

Also you can find our version as an excel and a pdf. Be aware that we cannot guarantee that we have replicated the original documents completely.