GE May/June Half-Term Revision for Paper 2

Listed below is general revision and also "Best Guess" material. 

Mr Griffiths has analysed previous papers to come up with some suggested topics.

Best Guess does not mean that the material will be on the exam, only that we think it is likely to be on.

Neither does it mean that other material will not be on the exam.

Use MATHS GENIE website for these topics

Approximating to 1sf. 

Substituting into formulae. 

Difference of two squares. 

Sim equations graphical method. 

Quadratic inequalities. 

Modelling from graphs. 

All chapter 13 constructions 


3D Pythagoras. 

Elevation and depression. 

Quadratic sim equations. 

Sine rule. 

Area of triangle. 

Differentiation max/min.

Appeared in previous papers at least once so very likely

Basic ratio 

.% inc/dec  


Sim equations elimination. 

Linear inequalities. 

All chapter 11 and 12 shape and space. 


Intersecting chords. 

Venn diagrams. 



 Algebraic fractions.




Corbett 5-a-day