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LIGHTHOUSES GCSE WARMUPS         GENERAL       Updated Paul Absolom sheet


Our material has multiple assessments, tracking sheets, excel assessment packages, student sheets, this website (that has videos for the objectives within each website). A simple structure in embed in any school (in secondary with minimal marking needed by the teacher).

Lighthouses aim to cover many essential skills at various levels of ability. They are labelled in line with the new 9 - 1 GCSE but I must stress that you cannot align criteria based skills with actual GCSE grades. There is no such thing as a "Grade 9 skill"

Lighthouse 2 is the starting point in secondary and we used to equate Lighthouse 2 to Level 4(a). Lighthouse 3 would be Level 5 and Lighthouse 4 would be Level 6(c).

We now view Lighthouse 7 as an old fashioned Level 8 or moving towards an A grade GCSE.

A strong Year 6 student should be able to progress quickly to Lighthouse 4.

LIGHTHOUSES are half-termly basic skills tests that are started in Year 7. These have been running for 5 years years.  For further resources see

Here is nearly one gigabyte of our materials (including various resources we have used to improve the basic lighthouses skills)

Students progress through until they have passed all 11 lighthouses. Students monitor their own progress using the student tracking sheet.

Below are ZIP folders of all of the Lighthouses plus solutions & tracking sheets (if you don't want to download the full gigabyte above)

ASSESSMENTS                                                                 SOLUTIONS                                                       SCHOOL TRACKING SHEETS          

Lighthouse 1.1 assessments                                           1.1 to 1.3                                                             1.1 to 3

Lighthouse 1.2 assessments

Lighthouse 1.3 assessments

Lighthouse 2 assessments                                               2 to 5                                                                   2 to 6

Lighthouse 3 assessments

Lighthouse 4 assessments                                                                                                                           4 to 8

Lighthouse 5 assessments                                               5 to 8                                                                   5 to 9

Lighthouse 6 assessments

Lighthouse 7 assessments                                                7 to 9

Lighthouse 8 assessments

Lighthouse 9 assessments