SSSI Week 1: Everything you wanted to know about binomials but were afraid to ask

Year 1 Basic Binomials

The easiest part is using the nCr button on your calculator and then separating the terms. Bracket the first and the second term before applying the powers. As one power goes up the other goes down.

You might be asked to use some of your Year 1 skills as part of the Year 2 questions.

E.g. If you have (1 + x)^7 (1 +2x)^0.5 you'd use your Year 2 skills (below) on the second expansion but will use your Year 1 skills (above) on the first expansion

Year 2 Negative and fractional powers.

Just learn to use the formula on Page 9 of the formulae booklet. 

Remember it must be (1 + ?)^n

Whatever the "?" is this what you substitute in for "x" into the formula.

Remember this is valid for |x| <1 so you might need to do some equation solving to see for what values this is valid (e.g |4x| < 1 gives |x| < 1/4