SSSI Week 3: Radians and trig

Year 2 Radians (Chapter 5)

Ensure you know the exact trig values for 0, 30, 45, 60, 90 ,180 and their multiples (degrees( BUT also know them in terms of radians (pi/6 etc).

You are expected to solve Year 1 trig material in radians now.

Make sure you use l = r theta and A = 1/2 r^2 theta for arc lengths and areas of sectors.

KNOW the small angle approximations but these are I the formula booklet too (in the Year 2 section).

CAST diagrams will be useful for exact values.

Year 2 Trig Functions (Chapter 6)

We now add in cosec, sec and cot (reciprocals of sin, cos, tan).

Be able to plot the graphs (know the sin, cos, tan graphs and then use the reciprocals).

Look out for different ways to express identities including KNOWING tan^2 x + 1 = sec^2 x and cot^2 x + 1 = cosec^2 x.

CAST diagrams will be useful for exact values.

Make sure you can draw the INVERSE graphs (i.e. arcsin, arccos, arctan)