SSSI Week 5: Vectors

Year 1 Vectors (Chapter 11)

This should be a topic to pick up lots of marks without being too difficult (much easier than the compound trig work!)

The best way to solve the vector problems is to write in column vector form rather than i and j components (much easier to see what you are doing)

Make good use of Pythagoras for the magnitude and also tan for the direction.

The unit vector requires you to divide the vector by the magnitude.

You'll be expected to apply the SUVAT equations to the vectors (just resolving in the i and j components in column vector notation) and watch out for the chance to apply F = ma to the problems too.

This is the Year 2 material. You can apply your calculus skills to kinematics with vectors. If vectors are involved remember the component method. You'll use calculus when ACCELERATION IS NOT CONSTANT.

Taking s to be displacement

ds/dt = velocity

dv/dt = acceleration

Integrate acceleration to get velocity, integrate velocity to get displacement.